Volunteer Training

We are testing a new, two-step training program which includes an online component (30 minutes max) followed by "shadowing an experienced volunteer from your own charity" component. (Different accommodations will be made for charities with no experienced volunteers.)

Feedback from other gaming centres in Ontario is that the online training was an easy process and easy to follow and gave them a good indication of what to expect when they came in. They really liked having to shadow an experienced volunteer for their first time. The experienced volunteers wish they had the shadowing experience when they took the training because they were nervous and didn't have any hands on experience.

1) The trainee must read the AODA document prior to starting the online training. AODA Link: AODA Document (English) / AODA Document (French)

2) After trainees complete the online portion, you, as the bingo coordinator for your organization, will be notified that the they are now eligible to do the shadowing portion.

Documentation (forms, binders) at the gaming centre for the shadowing portion are now in place.

Here is the link to the online training:

Online Training

Just to make things a bit more complicated... We are currently in the process of changing the Association's name from Treasure Chest Bingo Association to Play! Charitable Gaming Association (to match the new name of the gaming centre). This is the name you will see for online training.

Feedback is most welcome and will help in improving the training.